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Year in Review

Posted: 31st Jan 2015

Year in Review

So it's my Birthday...

Guess the main thing to write is a little review of the last 12 months. So here it is...

In the last year I have graduated, which for me is one of the biggest things in my whole life, as I always wanted to go to uni. So I am proud of myself to have made it through the 4 years and getting a first.

After Finishing uni the next big thing was getting my job at Little Black Box. I would of liked to have continued on with my own stuff. But the reality is that I need consistent income. Now that I have worked for them for a while I can say it was the right choice. It is a very good place to work and it's the kind of job were you don't hate getting up of a morning for.

The next big thing that happened this year was getting my own none student place to live. Finally joining the real work and leaving the student life behind. Having to pay council tax is the real hard proof of not being a student anymore!

One final big thing, which isn't actually a positive thing overall is that I had Bells Palsy and minor Stroke at the end of 2014. This was a horrible experience and I would really count it. But it did give me a big wake up call! It shocked me into realising that I need to slow down and not get so stressed out. If I'm having strokes at 22 then I am really not going to last long. So this experience has almost been a life changing event as I am now trying my hardest to reduce stress in every form and starting to do other things in life other than work! Guess being a workaholic is a really bad thing overall!

That is basically all the life changing things that have happened this year. Other things have happened, such as going to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria with my sister for her 30th birthday. Another is my partner starting uni which I am so proud of them for doing.

Now the real question in my mind is what will the next 12 months be like? Guess I will have to just wait and see....