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The Future of Cars?

Posted: 10th Jan 2015

The Future of Cars?

At CES we have seen some amazing developments in the world of technology. But this is by far one of my favourites.

The Mercedes-Benz F015 is a concept that might well be the next generation of cars.

It features a fully self driving functional car that can be used as a home from home. With it's beautiful interior you can casually relax and travel in true comfort. Another aspect to this lounge style car is that you can be driving to a location, but still have a meeting in your car, which for me is a great idea.

However, the whole idea of self driving cars is still thought of as a dream. But the reality is that it is here and it will soon be on the roads in the UK! Even other car manufacturers are in the process of creating self driving cars. The bit that is different about Mercedes is that these are the first to create one that has completely re-invented the concept of a car.

I really hope that this concept is taken all the way to production and we will see it on our roads in the next few years!

More available at: http://www2.mercedes-benz.co.uk/content/unitedkingdom/mpc/mpc_unitedkingdom_website/en/home_mpc/passengercars/home/new_cars/future-cars/index.htm#!/car/mercedes-f-015#header