Jamie Sefton | Web Developer

RIP Organic Pages Views

Posted: 01st Feb 2015

Facebook is changing the way pages work for brands and businesses. You will no longer be able to post an update and expect people to actually see it. Facebook is removing the ability for page posts to be seen organically, instead you will now have to pay to promote every update you post.

This change means that the number of pages likes is irrelevant to your audience reach now.

So why is this happening? Mainly because too many businesses use Facebook to try and sell products to people and repost very similar stuff. According to Facebook they asked 500,000 people about what they think about their news feeds. The general response was they don't like seeing all the same adverts again and again. So the solution to reduce the quantity of posts is charging for every single post the be seen.

So far in all announcements this has only talked about brands being limited down to paid posts only. They have not said if this will apply to all pages created on Facebook. It appears to be directed at brands and specific types of businesses that are using Pages to advertise products to sell.

Let's hope this isn't every page as it could destroy social marketing for smaller businesses which rely on these free tools. If this is for all pages I will probably stop posting links on Facebook and just stick to Twitter.