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Rasberry Pi 2

Posted: 03rd Feb 2015

Rasberry Pi 2

The next generation of the Raspberry Pi has been released at a low price of just $35 (£30). The new gen is reported to be six times as powerful as the first Raspberry Pi which now has 1GB RAM and improved processing capabilities.

The big buzz of the new Raspberry Pi 2 is mainly being excelled by Microsoft announcing that they will give you Windows 10 for free for the new Raspberry Pi 2.

This means you could have a full working PC for under £70 if you include keyboard, mouse and basic display. The flexibility of the Raspberry Pi creates a whole world of possibilities using full power computers on a small scale.

I am planning on getting on of these and once windows 10 becomes available plan is to create a mini entertainment box. The issue so far has been that Netflix doesn't really work well on other operating systems that worked on the Raspberry Pi. But now it will have full Windows along with its HD output it can finally be used to create an ultimate home entertainment box. I will be creating some software to bring Netflix and Spotify through to an interface that can hopefully be used through a remote control or even your phone.

But that plan will take a while so I will do a full post about that once it is underway.

The main story here is windows 10 PC for $35 on the new Raspberry Pi 2.

You can buy it from here: http://thepihut.com/products/raspberry-pi-2-model-b