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My Uber Experience

Posted: 03rd Jun 2015

My Uber Experience

The last few weeks I have a new favourite App on my phone, and that is Uber! Since taking my first journey a few weeks ago I haven't used any other taxi company.

The main reason I like Uber over any other taxi company is purely because of its phone App. The part I like is when booking your taxi you can see exactly how long it will be and where your car is. This helps reduce the stress of worrying that your taxi might make you late because you don't know when (and if) it will arrive.

The other part I really like about Uber is the way you link up your credit or debit card with the App so when you arrive you simply get out straight away. No messing about getting money out and waiting for the driver to get the change. This can save so much time and just makes the whole process easier.

The actual journey doesn't really seem that much different than any other as we don't have Uber executive in Leeds yet to get the fancy cars. I know you can connect your Spotify account with Uber, but again not many cars in Leeds seem to have that setup or offer to allow you to do this.

One of the things I really don't like about Uber and think this feature needs to be added is that you don't know how much your taxi has cost till after you have got out and its been charged. I would really like to see a live meter on the App that you can view whilst on the journey so you can see how much it has cost you so far,

Overall, I do think Uber is going to take over the whole industry and I can see exactly why! They have taken an industry and used modern technology to evolve it to the next level. The only way others will keep up is to follow suit.