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How to stop an Asteroid hitting Earth

Posted: 06th Feb 2015

How to stop an Asteroid hitting Earth

To add to my fascination with all things space. I have been watching a few different documentaries about asteroids. The main worry I have is if an asteroid was heading for earth what would we be able to do to stop it.

After watching a few things it is not fully reassuring as there doesn't seem to be an official go to plan if this situation was to happen. 

One of the theories is to use a large rocket that would need to be almost the size of the actual asteroid. This would fly along side the asteroid and due to its size start to create a gravitational pull. The idea is to slowly move the asteroid out of its current path and avoid earth.

Another theory is to use lots of small ships with lasers to blast against a specific part of the asteroid. This should push it away from these small ships and move it into another path.

Overall this concept of moving the asteroids path before it gets near earth is the most common theory. But again, there is no way of knowing this would actually work and save our planet.

The risk of asteroids as planet kills leads to the inevitable future that we must spread out onto other planets to make sure our species survives