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Holding hands still unacceptable

Posted: 11th Jan 2015

Holding hands still unacceptable

In the video above all they do is hold hands in public. They don't kiss, they aren't acting overly camp. The are just 2 normal men holding hands. Yet they are subject to abuse and looks by the majority of people whilst walking down the street simply holding hands.

Videos like this are amazing to show people that the fight for equality is far from over. Yes, it has came a long way and now we have laws that make us almost fully equal. But equality in society still has a long way to go.

As a gay man, I know I can hold my partners hand in public. I know I won't get arrested and that I'm not breaking any laws (in this country). But the real issue is that personally I wouldn't want to hold hands in public. This is mainly because of the anxiety it causes knowing that people are looking, people are talking about you and that there is always the risk of some idiot actually acting upon their hate towards us.

This is why pride is so important. When we are in numbers and people see that it's not just 10 people in each city then society can finally start to change. At pride is the only event where I feel comfortable enough to walk through the streets holding hands. I am proud to be with my partner, but the fear of showing it in public when it's not pride is just too much sometimes.

My concern is that straight people don't realise this happens, and most don't even realise that by stopping and looking, by making small comments it is stopping progress within society.

Hopefully one day it won't even be a deal and one day there won't be a need for pride as LGBT* are fully accepted and it's not even issue. But sadly, that day is not coming anytime soon.