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Helping the Homeless

Posted: 06th Feb 2015

Helping the Homeless

On my way home today from work I walked down Briggate by the McDonalds end. There I saw 2 homeless people in the same place that you generally see them. The main difference is that tonight is extremely cold. Whilst walking home I felt freezing in my jumper and coat, so I couldn't even imagine how they must feel.

So instead of just walking on like everyone tends to do. I stopped and went into McDonalds and got both of them a coup of tea, double cheese burger and large fries. They where so grateful it almost brought me to teas seeing that people are in these conditions on a night like tonight.

I am not doing this to get credit for helping people, and I'm not doing it to make myself feel good for helping. I am doing this purely because no one should be left like they are and ignored on harsh nights like tonight.

I fully believe that everyone, no matter what deserves a second chance at life. They might have made some horrible decisions in their lives that resulted in them being where they are, but who hasn't made bad decisions in their life? If people don't give them a second chance, how will they ever get off the streets.

I know it's just a little bit of food and a hot drink, but I really want to do more than that. This is where you come in. I am looking for people to donate money towards helping these homeless people. I am not going to change the world, but even if I can help just one person get their life back, then it will be worth it.

How can you help?

I am looking for donations, this money will be used to go around Leeds city centre and try and help homeless people. Either buying them some food and drinks, or buying supplies that will help them, such as Clothing or anything they need.

I am willing to give as much time as I can to help by going out into the city and talking to these people. If this gets lots of support I might even start trying to teach the homeless people some of my skills that might help them get a job and get their life back.

So please, donate what ever you can. All things bought with the money will be listed on posts here and I will keep regular updates as it progresses. If you want any information or have any questions then email me at: info@jamie-sefton.co.uk