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Fast than light space travel

Posted: 21st Jan 2015

Fast than light space travel

I recently watched a documentary that looked at Black Holes and what they actually are. In summary, a Black Hole is the heart of a galaxy that is pulling all the different start systems around it. They are the creator's of galaxies and control all the star systems with them and are pulling in the surrounding systems into themselves.

The bit that I hadn't really heard much about was White Holes. These are the opposite to Black Holes as they are output points. This where the theory of worm holes come from. This concept is bascially that if something goes into a Black Hole at one location in the Universe then they will come out of a White Hole at another point.

White Holes could then potentially be used to travel across millions of light years of space in a no time at all. Yes it is highly believed that what goes in to Black Holes comes out of White Holes, but the real issue is that everything that goes into a Black Hole is completely destroyed before it even reaches the inside of the Black Hole.

This all sounds great as it could really open up space travel. But my concern is that people researching into this are almost trying to create miniature Black Holes. Although these are not powerful at all, these might grow as they suck in stuff. I know this is probably a scientifically safe experiment. But I am just a little unsure that playing with the most powerful force after the Big Bang is a dangerous territory.