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Earth 2.0 (Kepler 186f)

Posted: 05th Feb 2015

Earth 2.0 (Kepler 186f)
Another planet found by the Kepler telescope is thought to be very similar to Earth.

The planet Kepler 186f looks similar to Earth and is thought to have liquid water. This is believed because it is the right distance from it's Sun to for water to exist without boiling or being frozen. It is not yet known what the atmosphere is like on this planet or if it is even water on it's surface.

Hopefully with more research over this next few years we will be able to identify more about this planet. But if it is very similar to Earth, in that it has oxygen and liquid water then it will be safe to safe there is other life in the galaxy.

The main issue with all this is that this planet is 500 light years away. Which means that without the space travel advancements we will never know in our lifetime if this planet can support life and if it already does. This goes for all other Earth like planets that exist in our Galaxy.

But then again, with recent news of finding 2 new planets in our solar system I think we need to slow down looking further out in the Galaxy and concentrate on understanding our own solar system first. There could easily be life within our solar system. It might not be intelligent life, but still if multiple forms of life can exist in our solar system then it will show that there has to be other life in our galaxy, it would just be a case of find it.