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Could we move to Mars?

Posted: 11th Feb 2015

Could we move to Mars?

It is starting to look like our next home will be Mars. In recent years lots of people have been looking into the possibility of setting up a colony on Mars. 

A few years ago I remember reading about a company actively looking for people 50+ with little family to go to Mars. They was seeking these people as they had no intention of bringing them back from Mars.

Now it appears that a Russian billionaire is the next person to want to move people to Mars. They are looking for people to go to Mars and setup the core foundations of a city.

But what I still don't really understand with all this is that how can we want to move people to Mars when we haven't ever sent a person there first.

After watching another episode of Strip the Cosmos it showed that there is a lot of research to determine if a person could survive on Mars. They key thing we need before sending anyone there is a source of water and a safe place to hide from the extreme weather. It is believed that below the surface of Mars there is lots of water frozen. If we can verify this then we could have a potential second home for humanity.

Photo credit: Mars One (http://www.mars-one.com/)