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Christmas for the Homeless

Posted: 15th Nov 2015

So as you have seen the Christmas adverts have started on TV and the weather has taken a turn for the worst, which means winter is definitely on its way.

This year me and my partner are going to be putting a mini project together to try and help homeless people around Leeds feel like they can celebrate Christmas a bit this year and try to keep them warm.

The Project

Its relatively simple and we just want to do a small gesture that might make someone a bit happier that really doesn't have much.

We are going to purchase some cheap warm clothing and wrap them up in Christmas wrapping paper and then go around Leeds and give them out to homeless people. Along with the gift we will be buying a hot meal, even just something simple like McDonalds just so they have something to help them out.

It's not a big thing and we won't change anyones lives. But we can certainly make them feel a bit better and help keep them warm through this winter.

Get Involved

We are taking donations through PayPal and all donations given will be listed on this blog as we update it through our progress. We will also be taking pictures off the things we get and when giving them out so you can see what your donations is helping with.

If you live within Leeds and want to donate some clothes that we can give out then this will be highly appreciated. Just drop me a message at: info@jamie-sefton.co.uk and we can arrange a way of getting them.

So please if you can help us to help someone in needs then donate below:

Planning to give out what we have the 12th December and will make sure some photos are taken so you can all see how you've helped.



In just one day we have already had a number of donations and lots of support for people wanting to donate old clothes and even help out wrapping it all. I am so thankful for all the support!


We now have over £100 in donations plus more clothing donations coming next week. I've just been and spent a big chunk on it putting together the base of 3 packs (picture below). Thanks again for all the support and anymore money or clothing donations can still be a massive help.