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Becoming a drone pilot

Posted: 11th Jan 2015

Becoming a drone pilot

As drones become more affordable and have a lot of uses to businesses. I think that being a drone pilot is soon to become a in demand job.

The issue so far is that no licence or test is required to fly drones. So how can you really say you're a drone pilot? Well for now it is as easy as saying it. But I do think that a licence should be required in order to fly a drone commercially.

Drones could fill our skies over the next few years and we would want to make sure the people flying them aren't going to be crashing into things. 

Especially when the drone might be delivering your takeaway!!

What can you do to become a good pilot?

Well in a recent article I posted a video of someone filming the most stunning footage with a drone. At the end of that video is shows a few clips of training before it. These showed creating a mini obstacle course that you can fly your drone through that can help to develop more control.

I am soon hoping to have my own drone and create such course. I am not looking to get a job as a drone pilot, but would be nice to have that skill.