Jamie Sefton | Web Developer

API Checklist

Posted: 19th Jan 2015

So I wouldn't class myself as being amazing, but I do aim to become an API guru, and I think I am heaidng in the right direction.

So far in my 3 years of web development I worked with lots of different API's for all different clients. One of the most common API type I have worked with is social media. Mostly, building custom social feeds to pull through a businesses activity to show on their site. Another example of this is One Social Feed which basically creates a multi platform single news feed.

So, here is my list of all the API's I have worked with:

  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Twitter API
  • Google+ API
  • LinkedIn API
  • Instagram API
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Analytics API
  • Youtube API
  • Mailchimp API
  • Rightmove
  • Zoopla

As you can see it is a mixture and have all been applied in different solutions.

Hopefully, at the end of the year I will re-post this entry with even more added to the my list.