Jamie Sefton | Web Developer

Scouser In Yorkshire

Hello There

Web Designer, Developer & Project Manager

Age: 25

From: Liverpool, UK

Live: Leeds, UK

Leeds Metropolitan University
BSc Computing (1st)

Welcome to my personal website to showcase my work skills and general life. I have worked as a web developer since March 2012 and have learnt a lot in this time. My skill list has grown and I am a comfortable stage where I can say "I'm a good developer".

Thoughout my time I have worked in web design & development agencies as well as working as a freelancer on a number of projects. This website will demonstrate all the projects I have completed solely on my own.

Please note that I am not currently taking on any new projects.

Languages & Skills

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • PHP & OO PHP
  • MySQL & PL/SQL
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • LESS
  • Linux / Apache
  • eCommerce, SSL, Stripe & PayPal
  • CRM & APIs
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress
  • Email Templates
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics, Adwords & Webmaster Tools
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Working in an office environment
  • Using Adobe Packages
  • Communication with clients through email, telephone and meetings
  • Time and project management
  • Using Microsoft Office Packages

API's I have worked with

  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Twitter API
  • Google+ API
  • LinkedIn API
  • Instagram API
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Analytics API
  • Youtube API
  • Mailchimp API
  • Rightmove & Zoopla
  • Bespoke / Creation of my own API

Where I Gained My Skills

Parallax (October 2015 - Present)

Little Black Box (May 2014 - October 2015)

This position has given me much more responsibility and flexibility to be involved in some large scale projects that will hopefully shape the direction the web side of the business will go in the future.


Since leaving Rejuvenate Productions I have been working as a freelance designer, developer and project manager. I have gained a lot of clients since August 2013 and the work has been non-stop!

This has all given me a chance to increase my project management skills more than anything. This is because I had to work with the clients from start to end for every project.

Rejuvenate Productions (March 2012 - August 2013)

Rejuvenate Productions is a web development company based in Leeds. Whilst working I was part of a team of developers that I assisted in completing a variety of tasks.

Throughout my time I gained the majority of my technical skills listed above. This company allowed me to expand my knowledge by offering great on the job training throughout my placement year and then allowed me to carry on after I had completed the full year.

Sports Direct (August 2008 - March 2012)

Throughout my time working at Sports Direct I worked in the South Liverpool Store and the Leeds Headrow Store. Working for this company allowed me to gain great customer services skills and team building skills.

I started here just after finishing my GCSE's and worked right through my A Levels at the Speke store in Liverpool. After finishing my A Levels I was able to transfer to the Leeds store as I was moving for University. This helped me a lot as it can be very hard to find a job as a student.

Whilst there I worked on early morning deliveries and late night stock takes. I am fully till trained and can work at a supervisor level to help manage other staff members.

Halewood Centre for Learning (September 2009 - July 2010)

During my A Levels I was selected to assist the younger students at the school during lunch times to help them learn how to do more things with a computer. This involved teaching them how to use the different Microsoft Office packages and how to use the internet correctly to find what you need. This job was a great opportunitiy to work with children and was very enjoyable.

Where I learnt what I know

Leeds Metropolitan University (2010 - 2014)

Whilst at University I have covered a wide ranges of areas. The course mainly looks at programming and is a practical approach to everything, which I think it is great.

Over the last 2 years I have studied System Modeling, Java Software Development, Database Development, Web Development, Networking and Communications and Group Projects.

Through studying these subjects I have learnt what my passion is in life, and that is web development. Before coming to University I thought I wanted to be a System Analysis, but after 1 module in that I realised it was not for me and started to look at other areas of IT.

As part of my course I took a 1 year placement with a company called Rejuvenate Productions. This company was amazing to work for and allowed me to grow massively. When I first started I didn't know anything about Object Orientated Programming, but by the end I was able to write my own classes to do almost anything.

Halewood Centre for Learning (2008 - 2010)

Here I studied my AS & A Levels. Over the 2 years I gained knownledge in ICT using Visual Basic, Business Studied learning about how to create my future. Finally I studied Psychology which helped me understand a lot about the human brain and how you think.

Halewood College (2003 - 2008)

At Halewood College I studied my GCSE's. I studied Maths, ICT, English, Science, Food Technology, French & Spanish.

If you would like a full breakdown of my grades then please contact me.

Projects & Applications

The Hot Room Liverpool

Design - Logo - Build

The Hot Room Liverpool is a brand new studio in Liverpool that offers Hot Yoga and many other services.

I will be building the new website as well as designing the logo. Keep an eye out for the new website coming end of May.


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Get Youth Working

Design - Branding - Website

Get Youth Voting is an organisation dedicated to getting younger people engaged with politics and voting. It offers free advice about voting, politics, current affairs and much more.

We also want to find out what is important to young people and what they want the political parties to help them with. So for this we have 'causes'. A 'cause' can be created and anyone can vote to support your cause. The aim for this is to build up the top 10 causes that are important to young people.

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McDermott Bros

Design - Development - CMS

McDermott Bros is a new website build that will bring their company into the 21st cenury! 

By finally having a web presence we hope the company will grow even bigger and reach a much wider target audience 

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Base Hair Co

Design - Booking System - Development

For this project a new responsive website was created to replace their old one. It was design by myself and has full content management included.

The second part of this project was a bespoke appointment and business management application to be used by their staff and director. The system included: staff schedules, EPOS, sales and financial reports, and much more.

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Galley Properties

WordPress Development

The work for this project was to do additional work to a current WordPress website that someone else had created. I had to go in and create a whole new way of managing their properties and to add in properties for sale.

The site also was made responsive as part of this project.

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Bespoke Application Development

This project involved creating a bespoke timesheet clocking application to be used by their staff and clients. The application allowed them to create tasks and log times in which sub-tasks where completed. This was then accessible to all their clients to track the work they are having done.

The application is being used by a wide range of large companies including banks and insurance companies.

Leeds Met LGBT*
Leeds Met LGBT*

Leeds Met LGBT*

Design - CMS - Development

This project is for the Leeds Met LGBT* Society. It allows them to put out more information than their current system. It will also allow other people to find out about events and hopefully build up the society to be more diverse than it currently is.

This project was done free of charge as it is for the LGBT Society.

Fresh Prints Shop

E-Commerce - Design

Fresh Prints Shop is a new e-commerce solution that sells garments online. It sells its own designs that are printed on T-Shirts, Vests, Jumpers, Hoodies & Varsity Jackets.

They also do custom work, so you can contact them with your own design and get it printed onto any of their garments. They will also do business printing for companies that need a large amount of the same product.

Buy in bulk for discounts on all products.


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Initio Marketing

Design - CMS - Development

Initio Marketing Limited provides marketing entry strategy and branding services for national and international companies, particularly those based in the UK, Germany and Africa. We are a team of experienced marketers and market researchers and we take pride in our ability to carry out detailed market research across vast regions of the globe. The company has more than 10 years combined marketing experience.  

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Look for Specs
Look for Specs

Look for Specs

E-Commerce - Design - Development

Look for Specs had been to a number of developers and companies in the past few years. All of them had failed at meeting the specific requirements that they had set out. When we took on this work we proved that we could complete the site by building the bit the others had failed at in just a few days to demonstrate that we have what it takes. The site offers the ability to customise your lenses for any frames that they sell online. This process is very user friendly and makes it quick to go through and buy.

Property Design
Property Design

Property Design

Design Concept Idea

This project is part of some design work that I have produced myself for an estate agents based in Doncaster.

As this project is being built I have removed the company logo and made it appear to be available for any site.

Old Portfolio
Old Portfolio

Old Portfolio

Design - Responsive - Development

This is my old portfolio design before this current one. It followed the same fonts and colours, but was a bit basic and lacked content.


Braeholm Helensburgh

Design - CMS - Development

Braeholm was a new build after the experienced a number of hacks whilst using Joomla. They then contact us and we built a completely new stunning website for them which had much more content. Since the new site Braeholm has seen an increase in business and has also been on our most popular websites for traffic.

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For Paws

Design - Responsive - CMS - Development

For Paws has had a complete re-build. This re-build includes a full new responsive design and a new admin system install.

The new site also includes a blog which help people keep updated with their latest news.

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Inspired By Glass

Design - CMS - Development

Inspired By Glass is a great website that offers bespoke glass products and engravings. The site was originally built in the start of 2013 and involved a new build after the client was using a freewebs site.

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PHP Image Generator Tool

Create custom placeholder images to use on your website for free. You can generate any image you want at any size for free. Simply copy the image link or image tag directly onto your website to show the placeholder. Coming soon custom text placeholders for free!

Admin System
Admin System

Admin System

In-House CMS Development

This is our own custom built admin system that we have installed on all our clients site that wish to be able to manage their own content.

This new system is fully secure and responsive to work on mobile devices if you should ever need to access it on the go.

Our system covers everything from basic content editing all the way to full shop management and order management.

Pulse Digital Cinema

Design - Development

Pulse Digital Cinema Ltd. Is a modern independent production company. Our team consists of four highly skilled individuals who bring imagination, creativity and professional expertise to every project. We take pride in offering bespoke videos to our clients. Working with you throughout every stage, assuring that you are left with a high quality individually tailored product.

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Vega K9 Academy

Design - CMS - Development

Vega K9 Academy is a sister site to our fantastic site Happy Hounds Helensburgh

This site was created to advertise the new academy that the owner is setting up for their local area.

As part of this development we was also involved in the designing of the logo. We created the final logo in Photoshop based on the clients hand made drawings.

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Happy Hounds Helensburgh
Happy Hounds Helensburgh

Happy Hounds Helensburgh

Design - CMS - Development

We are pleased to announce a re-launch for our new client Happy Hounds Helensburgh. This site offer key information about this business and gives the client the ability to manage all the content via the admin portal.

GA Technology Services

Design - Development - CMS

GA Technology Services Ltd is a company specifically offering a range of services to the automotive exhaust manufacturing industry.

Among the services offered are: Service (plus service contracts), breakdown repair of all Eagles machine range, which includes all tube sizing machines, all case making process machines (automated and stand alone) and the Eagle CNC Bending machines. We also offer to supply parts for these machines and tooling to the highest quality.

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Leeds Met University
Leeds Met University

Leeds Met University

Application - Design - Development

Web Application for Leeds Metropolitan University to allow students to advertise their flats if they wanted to move.

The web application allowed the students to select which halls they lived in and then advertise their room. The overall system was managed by the Leeds Metropolitan University Accommodation team, who where responsible for setting the prices in which the rooms could be advertised for. This was important so that the students could make a profit from their rooms.

Stepsure Resin Flooring

Design - CMS - Development

Stepsure Resin Flooring are Screed and Coating Specialists with over 20 Years experience and has built a strong reputation within the industry. This experience will reflect our highly skilled knowledge and expertise which covers all aspects of Industrial and Commercial Flooring Solutions. We take pride in tailoring our knowledge to become cost effective by personally addressing your commercial and business requirements.

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Solarteq UK
Solarteq UK

Solarteq UK

Design - Development

Solarteq are a fresh new solar power design and installation company with a vast knowledge and experience of residential and commercial solar power installations both in the UK and mainland Europe.

We are well known for our professional, friendly, no nonsense approach and offer a complete highly skilled service from design to completion.